Saturday, June 6, 2015

Garden Perrenials Save the Day

This is one of those years. I usually have bought most or all of my annuals, along with some new perennials by now. In a normal year, I would have perused the nurseries many times over, and picked up a few loads. But this year, it hasn't happened yet. For one thing, we had lots and lots of cold rain in May. So much so, that strolling through the nurseries didn't sound fun, let alone working out in the yard. 

So, I still have that on my list, and I definitely will get some more things to stick in the ground. 

But in the meantime... those beautiful perennials that muscle through the long, snowy winter months, and endure severe pruning, and look like little mounds of nothing in the early spring -- those stalwart gems of the flower beds -- have saved my garden this year.

Oh, the peonies. How I love peonies. I wish they bloomed all year long.

Bees are buzzing around this salvia. Must be full of nectar. 

The weather has been so strange this year, that the picture below actually looks like my August gardens. I'm sure in a couple of weeks, I'll be pulling out and cleaning up, but for now... 

And the snapdragons have all come back up, and are gorgeous. More gorgeous than last year, for sure. I love snapdragons. They remind me of my mom's and grandma's gardens.

Perennial Geranium. The perfect plant for this spot. It slowly ambles and becomes a bit bigger through the years, but it is easy to pull back, or to divide and replant here and there (thanks, Mom!).

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