Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bartlett pears and Ensign Peak

Can you believe the pears are huge and ready to be picked? Yikes! Its really about a month earlier than usual. They have even started dropping from the trees. We have to Bartlett Pear trees in the front yard, and the bucket of pears is from those trees. We have 32 Asian Pear trees in the backyard, and they are also getting ripe and ready. 

When we bought the lot to build our house on, it was full of over 100 orchard trees. We had to take some out for the house itself, and then we also removed some for the back lawn area. We wanted to keep as many of the old trees as we could, so that we could keep the orchard feel. I love those trees! We prune them quite a bit each year, so they stay fairly small and manageable. The blossoms are gorgeous, and the fruit isn't bad (I'm not a real pear lover, but I am learning to like the Asian pears). We have a list of people we call when the pears are ready, and they come and pick to their hearts' delight. Everyone swoons over the Asian pears, so they are excited to come and fill their bushels. I think its about time to start calling my list of people!

Before I do that, though, I need to go out and get a few weeds out of the back yard. There are some that are honestly 3 feet tall. I don't know how that happened. Well, maybe I do know how. It could be that there are some areas out there that I haven't weeded since before the wedding. That is almost two months. That is how they are now 3 feet tall. I can't have people coming to pick pears if there are weeds that tall. I guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon!

We had a great Young Women activity the other night. We hiked to the top of Ensign Peak and when we got there, we had a great little devotional about the Holy Ghost and using it to guide us in our lives (like using a GPS on a hike). The bishop gave the devotional, and it was truly special up there at the top of that peak, with the beautiful views and the lovely day. Its handy having the bishop as my husband, because I have exceptional access to him and his talents! We based the activity on Personal Progress Choice and Accountability #5. All they had to do was to go home and write in their journals about the things we talked about and the things they learned.

Next post will be photos from the wedding! Yay!

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