Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Youth activities and an elk sighting

We had the youth (14 and older) come up to our cabin for dinner during their youth conference. They didn't stay overnight, but just long enough for dinner and listening to an awesome guest speaker (there, on the right in the photo). We have so many amazing youth and also youth leaders. This is a great photo of all of them! 

The wildflowers were beautiful, and Bob and I spent a few minutes gathering some to put in a vase up on the deck. So pretty!

That same weekend, while Bob and I were out on a ride, we came across these 5 elk bucks. Not really sure if you call them bucks when they're elk, but it sounds right to me. They didn't stay around long for photos. In fact, just after I snapped this, they ran off. We so seldom actually see elk up there, that it was pretty great to see them, even for a brief moment!

We've had some other fun young women activities... For this one, we had a night where we learned about what we can do to be His hands, and to serve others, and then we learned how to do manicures. Lindsay (on the right in the photo) shared all of her nail art expertise with the girls. I love when we can do a fun activity, and also work on Personal Progress at the same time! I also love having daughters who are talented and willing to share their talents with me and the Beehives!

And this is another great photo of some of the young women just before going in to the temple to do temple baptisms. Courtney came up with the awesome idea to make fruit and donut hole kabobs for them before going in, so that they had some breakfast. Brilliant! They loved them and had happy tummies when they were doing their service in the temple.

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