Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kendrick Family Reunion

How can it be August 8th already? I haven't even so much as had a sip of lemonade this summer! It has been so full. But I can't complain too much. Life around here is very busy, but its busy with good things (mostly). 

I have some really big news.............. we are down one snake in our yard! Robbie received bounty payment for "getting rid" of a pretty good-sized one. I saw a photo and heard a description of Mr. Big Snake's demise, so I think from now on we'll have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. It will be an honor system kind of thing, so I don't have to actually replay the event in my mind. Are you reading this, Robbie?  I know there are a few more out there, so there may be some more money exchanged in the coming weeks. One can only hope.

We were able to get to a family reunion this past weekend. Its the reunion of my Grandpa and Grandma Kendrick (who are no longer living) and all of their descendants. It has been held up at their tiny cabin in Logan Canyon for years and years and years. This photo is actually of them up at the cabin in the 1960's.

Grandpa & Grandma Kendrick
I love how she's in a dress, and he's in a shirt and suspenders for a day up at the cabin. They look so totally peaceful. Makes me want to sit in that chair next to them and take in some of that summer breeze.

And here is my cute mom at the reunion last Saturday standing right in front of the little cabin. My mom and two of her sisters are the only still living out of the six daughters.

These are the first cousins that were at the reunion. Me and my sisters Sheri and Susan are in the photo, along with a handful of our cousins.

First cousins at Kendrick Reunion

Couldn't resist including that photo. Bob and Mark, two of the son-in-laws, who coincidentally were both made bishops last year within a few weeks of each other. They both look like they have a little more stress in their lives...

And a final reunion photo.... my cousin Kohn pulling around a little train made out of water barrels and dollies. It was darling seeing the kids taking rides in it. Bob is already designing one for us! Yay!

I love that reunion. It brings back so many sweet, sweet memories of a years gone by. I love my mom's family! They are so warm and inviting and lovely in every way. What a wonderful tradition of gathering together!

I want to have those same kinds of traditions in my extended family and also my immediate family. It is so important to keep those relationships going as the family gets more and more spread out. We are going to have a reunion at our cabin in September for all of my mom and dad's posterity. Should be fun!

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