Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Photos - Part 2 - The luncheon

To see the rest of the wedding & reception photos for this wedding, click below:

I have already shared the photos of Linds and Ryan after their wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. Today's post will include the next batch of photos -- mostly the wedding luncheon. 

Salt Lake LDS Temple

We had the luncheon just across the plaza from the temple, at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 

At the luncheon, we just had a small display table (we were saving all our energy for decorating for the reception!). You can see the laser etching that Bob did of the front side of their wedding invitations. It turned out awesome, and was perfect for displaying at the luncheon and the reception!

I showed these in an earlier post... these were sitting at each place setting on the tables.

Whitney, Lindsay and I wrapped all of the little mint lifesaver rolls and put the final touches on them. I loved the way they turned out, and the guests all seemed delighted with the extra little thought for them.

The tables were all decorated with our book page centerpiece bases (which by the way, I am in love with and want to use all over my house), and then we just rented the topiaries from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Caterer, and tied our own pink bows on them. Simple, but very sweet. 

Here are the guests all focused on the proceedings. Lindsay and Ryan were obviously already married in the temple by then, but since none of Ryan's family are members of the church, they weren't able to be in the temple. So, we had Bob conduct a little ring exchange for their benefit. Bob talked for just a few minutes explaining the meaning of the temple wedding, and why that is so important to members of the LDS faith. It really was perfect, and I think Ryan's family appreciated knowing more about that and also getting a chance to see the new couple exchange their rings.

The ring exchange

Bob introducing all of the guests

We decided it was best to get Lindsay out of her dress and into something else for the luncheon. The dress wasn't exactly conducive to dining, and I don't know what we would have done if there had been a spill on it!

If I look particularly intent on filling my plate (in the above photo), its because I WAS particularly intent on filling my plate! The food was delicious soups and salads, a roll, and dessert. We were starving and all of it tasted so good to me!

Bob and I as happy as can be!

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