Friday, April 26, 2013

Apple-pear blossoms

It is so beautiful outside! I was able to get outside and work in the yard for a few hours yesterday, and I plan on doing a bit more today and tomorrow. The blossoms are in all their glory right now.

I can't get enough of our apple-pear blossoms. I found myself gazing upwards through the trees as I was digging weeds out beneath them. I may have not been quite as productive because of them, but at least I was enjoying myself!

We were out of town for two weeks and got home just last Friday, and I was thinking that we would miss the blossoms. In fact, I told each of our kids to take pictures of the blossoms and text them to me.

What a lovely day. I'm not even going to let the fact that today I saw my first S-N-A-K-E of the season, mar my perfect day.

I did find a treasure out in the yard today, and my family members are going to be incredulous at this fact: I found three Easter eggs that were tucked in my clematis for our Easter-egg hunt. I still can't believe no one found them. We had a crowd of over 40 people hunting for eggs, and there are some pretty expert egg-hunters in the family. They weren't really even hidden from sight... you can easily spot two of them in this photo. Whaaaat?! We're going to have to start getting a little more serious on those Easter-egg hunts!

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