Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snowdrops in bloom

I finally picked a color for our bedroom and bathroom and bought the paint yesterday. I think I'll start the project next week. I can't wait to see what the transformation will be. We have never re-painted our room, so it has been the same yellow for 12 years now. I love the yellow, and its hard for me to change from that, but it will be fun to have a different look. Now to find bedding that will finish the room off...

I was going to the mailbox the other day and noticed the Snowdrops in bloom, as well as the Crocuses. So amazing to see little bits of color and life on a snowy, stormy day. The snowdrops are from my Aunt Carol's yard in Logan. My mom and Aunt Carol dug up some of the bulbs so we could start some in our own yards. They are slower to reproduce than other bulbs I have, but I love seeing them in the late winter. Makes me think of my sweet mom and my Aunt Carol.

Snowdrops in full bloom

Today is Wednesday, so Bob and I have our weekly lunch together. Arguably one of the best traditions we ever started. I can't even remember when we didn't meet weekly for lunch! Its such a bright spot in my week and a nice break to the day. I love being with that man!

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