Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Clean-up

Beautiful spring! We have been blessed with the most gorgeous weather! I don't normally think of March having 70 degree weather, but it really has been that warm! Our Forsythia is out in full bloom. I pruned back everything around it so it can show off its brilliant yellow flowers.

On Friday and Saturday, we had some great work days in an attempt to fill that dumpster! Whitney came over for the afternoon on Friday, and she and I worked in the front yard cutting back and pruning. It seemed that as the warm afternoon went on, almost before our eyes, the flowers were opening up.

Lovely Hyacinths

It felt so good to be out there in the warmth of the sun, and see the green poking up out of the ground everywhere. Also, it was a great treat to be out there with one of my daughters, laughing and catching up on the latest in her life!

On Saturday, we pruned most of the rest of the apple-pear trees! (We still have the 7 left in the dog run, which should get done this week!) Bob was the pruner, Lindsay and I picked up the branches and hauled them to the dumpster, and Robbie dug out large bushes that had outgrown their spaces. 

Bob wielding the pruners

Robbie cutting back and digging out bushes

Linds, Robbie and Bob taking a breather

It was a good, long day and we got so much done! I am so grateful to have kids that all know how to work. Working together, we always get huge amounts of work done! 

At the end of the day, we were all a little sunburned, very sore, and I had a bruise right between my eyes where a falling, pruned branch hit me. I had to rush in and get spruced up to go to the General Young Women Meeting at 6:00, so the rest of the crew was left to clean up and put everything away. An amazing day of work!

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