Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring yard work and Daylight Savings Time

It was a busy weekend, but wonderful to be able to be outside in the warm spring weather. Bob and I pruned the two Bartlett Pear trees in the front yard, and did a little bit of front yard clean up. After that, we decided to get the pond in the backyard up and running. It took some doing... cleaning up leaves out of the stream and pond, cleaning out the filters, and Bob getting the pump running.

Bob working on getting the stream and pond running
(notice the snow still on the ground!)

It may or may not be common knowledge that the koi fish basically hibernate for the winter. We don't feed them, or do anything with them all winter long. We keep a trough heater and a bubbler going, and that's all they need. Its always fun when it warms up and we can get the pond running again. I love hearing it and watching the fish actively swimming around again.

So, we have a couple things checked off our list of things to do: the pond is running, and the water is on. So much more to do to get ready for our wedding reception on June 15th, but we'll get it done.

Today I started painting our bedroom. I love the color. Its a light bluish green. Really soothing and pretty. I only finished one wall and part of the ceiling, but I needed to at least get that wall done so we could move the bed back and have our furniture back to normal for the night. Tomorrow I plan on getting to the rest of it. It will be a big push to get it all done, but I'll give it the old college try.

Yesterday was Daylight Savings Time. On Saturday night, as we climbed into bed, we laughed when we remembered we hadn't changed the time yet. I hopped out of bed and pushed the button that changes it automatically on our clock. The next thing I remember, Bob woke up to his cell phone ringing. It was David Hall (his 1st counselor) asking if Bob was going to be at the meeting that was supposed to have started 10 minutes earlier. Oh boy. He jumped up and showered and dressed in record time. He missed the bishopric meeting, but was there for everything else that was scheduled all day long. Can you believe I set the clock wrong? I have always snickered at people who don't set it right, or forget to set it at all, and it turns out I am one of THOSE people. I'm pretty sure that Bob will be in charge of setting the clocks when the time changes next. Ugh. The best part about the story is that Bob wasn't even the least bit mad or frustrated with me. He was a sweetheart and made sure I wasn't feeling badly about it.

Just to update about our cat hospice care: we borrowed the cone from Lindsay to tie around his neck. He kept it on for about a day and a half, and then he was done with it. I think I'm done, too. I will just watch him and make sure it doesn't get any worse, but I'm not even sure that the vet could come up with a way to keep him from scratching his ear.

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