Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wrong paint color

Well, I am off to Home Depot to buy more paint... I thought I had taken such a long time to pick out the paint color for our bedroom, that the final choice would be PERFECT! Sadly, I was wrong.

Our room, in its original paint color.
Not a bad color, just in need of fresh paint.
This was after we moved the bed
away from the wall.

This is after I finished painting the wall
with the blue paint.
Notice the paint chips on the bed already...
looking for the next color!

Yesterday, Bob and I moved the bed (a heavy beast) and I painted the wall behind the bed, as well as part of the ceiling. When it was done, I had to admit I still loved the color, but I didn't love it in our bedroom. It would be a darling playroom, or laundry room, or something like that. It was just too obviously BLUE, and I'm pretty sure I would get tired of it really soon. I literally spent the night tossing and turning about the paint color. I woke up this morning thinking that maybe I had over-thought it, but it still was too much blue. I texted Bob, to see what he thought, and he said he wanted me to do whatever I felt good about in the room. So, after I get my exercising done for the morning, I'll be off to buy new paint. I am thinking something in the warm gray tones, so it will still be a neutral, but I can add lots of different colors as my tastes change through the years.

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