Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall leaf decorating

As mentioned in the last post, Bob and I go out collecting fall leaves every year up near our cabin. We use them in the cabin and also at home to decorate for the beginning of fall. For me, it is still a bit early to actually put up Halloween decorations, but I do like to have just a touch of fall in our home in September. 

I love this kind of decorating... putting branches here and there, and calling it good. And maybe lighting the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle from Bath and Body. Yum.

Another great thing about this kind of decorating, is that when I'm done with it, I can throw it away, instead of having to box it up and then finding some place to store it.

I know, I know. I've heard it a million times. Is that bike part of your decor? And yes. Yes, it is. Its an old bicycle built for two with a story behind how Bob acquired it. I love it to pieces, and its just outside of my bedroom door (that you can't see), to the left of the photo. As you can see, I've put just a few fall leaves in the basket hanging from the handle bars.

And then some tucked in a corner of the living room...

In the entry...

In the family room across the mantel...

Another shot of the mantel. Yes, it is a lovely, lovely time of year.

It was nice to be able to do my fall decorating in 15 minutes. I have a lot of other things I am trying to get ready for. This weekend we are having my family reunion at our cabin. It won't be huge (maybe 40 people), but we have been busy getting ready for it.

Bob made these little wooden Christmas keepsake ornaments with the reunion date on them. They turned out great. You can't tell from the photo, but it started out as just a piece of thin wood, and he laser cut the design (deer, pine cones and branches) into it, the circle shape, and the little hole at the top for the tinsel. He made 25 or so, for my mom, the grandchildren and the daughters (me and my sisters) that are at the reunion. Again, that laser cutting machine is pretty awesome. The possibilities are limitless.

I made a photo book of the cousins using Picaboo. It has photos of them through the past 35+ years as they have interacted together. I had so many good photos to choose from, that it was hard to keep it small. It ended up being 52 pages. I think it turned out great, though. We had enough made so that each of the 33 grandchildren will get one, as well as their parents, and my mom. This year the reunion is focusing on those grandchildren -- the cousins -- and the fun they have had together through the years.

We have a few other things planned... some games, activities, etc. It will be on Saturday, though a handful will be with us at the cabin on Friday night. 

Should be a fun weekend!

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