Friday, September 7, 2012

Wedding Photos - Part 4 - More reception details

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More reception photos!

First, the wedding cakes. Linds wanted five wedding cakes, all of different sizes, shapes and flavors. I painted an old dresser and used a set of vintage hinged doors for the backdrop.

I made the bases for the cakes by having Bob cut different scallop-edged circles. I went to the thrift store and got 5 glass vases and glued the vases (upside down) to the scalloped circles with E-6000. I then spray painted several coats over each of the cake bases until they were nice and glossy. They were darling with the different shapes of cakes. We also had a Deseret Rose plate with two vintage forks for the bride and groom to eat their cake with. Happily, I can still use the cake stands for other events. I can easily spray paint them to go with other holiday or event colors. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out (and you can't beat the price... about $20.00 for the whole lot, including spray paint)!

The candy bar was a definite hit! We had ten jars -- all the same type -- filled with different candies in the wedding colors. We made the burlap banner (behind the table) with fabric letters ironed on. I had Whitney "man" the treat station and refill jars as they became empty. At different points in the evening, there was definitely a feeding frenzy going on at the treat table... adults and children alike! 

Next to the candy table, we had a little old washing machine that we used as a table for the candy favor supplies. We used glassine bags and washi tape to close them with. We did a few of them up before-hand so that the guests knew what to do with the tape, etc.

This is a photo of the tent area. We got a big canopy tent and draped burlap on the front and partway back on the sides. Along the back, and the other part of the sides, we put chicken wire between the poles so that we could hang pictures and other decorations from it. We also strung lights along the inside of the tent, which always look so nice as the sun goes down.

I loved the tables!  We used white cloths underneath a large 70" square piece of burlap. The base of everything was a mat made out of old book pages, which I just taped together on the back. They were hodge-podge and perfect for what we wanted. I love, love, love those mats! They speak to me in every way. We used old milk bottles for the vases, and arranged various bunches of flowers in loose, cottage-y arrangements. We also had a couple of old books on each table, which were tied with twine with a couple of old keys in the knot.

This is a view of the chicken wire where we hung initials, frames, photos, etc.

I love posting these photos and re-living that beautiful day! We worked hard to get it exactly the way Lindsay wanted it, and she couldn't have been happier with the outcome! 


  1. Stumbled across your site while looking for wedding ideas for my daughter. LOVE these decorations. We are doing some similar things and it's nice to see how beautiful yours turned out.

  2. Gorgeous! We are calling our wedding theme: Rustic Glam. Using burlap, skull bandannas, and lots of bling. These ideas are great!