Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrift store mirror and the gardens are still going strong!

I love finding a treasure at the thrift store. I don't love when I go there and its a "dud" trip. It seems like there used to be a lot more of the good stuff to be found, but there are too many "pouncers" nowadays who just sit and wait for the new stuff to be put out, and they snatch it up, mostly to resell on ebay or some other shop. Sorta takes the fun out of it, but more power to them.

I found an old dresser mirror that was pretty beat up and the finish all scratched up. I taped the mirror off, and spray painted a coat of spray primer. Then, I sprayed it the color I wanted, which was a cream color. Easy peasy. Took  no time at all to transform it into just what I need in our master bedroom at the cabin.

After I painted it, I distressed it a bit with the power sander. Again... easy, peasy. $15.00 well spent.

I have about a hundred inside projects to work on right now, which puts me in quite a quandary. I want to get working on them, but I also know that everything outside is still growing and lovely and needs attention from a gardener (which would be me).

The geraniums in my little goat cart are amazing and oh so beautiful right now.

The pond is clear and the fish are hungry and growing fat for their winter hibernation.

It almost looks like early summer...

And then you look again, and some plants are nearing the end of their growing cycle. I so badly need to be working outside, but I also need to be getting to some of my projects. Quite a quandary.

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