Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding Photos - Part 3 - The reception entry

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I thought it was definitely time to post more wedding photos. Today's photos are of the entrance area of the reception. The reception was in our back yard, so to begin with, we put a vintage chalkboard up on our driveway to direct the guests towards the preferred entrance to the backyard.

You can just make out the shepherds hooks with the mason jar candle lanterns hanging from them. This was the walkway to the backyard.

Through the gate...

As the guests entered the gate, we had three old doors hinged together to make a sort of divider. In reality, it was to block our air conditioners from the view of the guests, but we used the hinged doors to put our welcome banner on.

This is the guest sign-in table. There was a frame with burlap and a clothespin, which held a photo of Lindsay and Ryan. We also did another frame with burlap, but put glass over the burlap so we could write a greeting to the guests. There were some lovely pens that Sweet Magnolias Farm made that had roses made out of vintage silk ribbon.

The guests wrote on these little index cards that we made and then filed them away in the little vintage file box. Are you noticing a theme yet? Vintage. For sure.

After the guests signed in, they dropped their gifts off on the old iron bed/bench that my grandparents used to have up at their cabin. We draped old floral tablecloths over it. The box for the cards is sitting in the middle of the bench. It is an old bread box.

On the fence to the left of the gift area, we needed to fill in a big area of white vinyl fence, so we made this burlap banner. Bob laser cut the letters with his "amazing machine". We spray painted them til they were shiny, and then glued them onto burlap. You can't see in the photo, but there are ribbons tied on the banner string, too.

Darling photo of the couple! More photos soon!

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