Friday, September 14, 2012

Pear-picking and a temple walk

Bob and I picked apple-pears last Friday. They were at the perfect stage... huge and not overly ripe. We filled boxes and boxes, and then called it a day. We cleared most of the trees, but left a few for the birds.

We have a list of people that we deliver pears to every year, so we were anxious to get them off the trees and delivered to our friends and family. My mom and sister came a couple of weeks ago and picked to their hearts content. Many years, we make calls and have friends come and pick, too, but this year there were fewer pears, so we just decided to pick them ourselves. Plus, the yard isn't in the best of shape. I'd be embarrassed to have people roaming around my yard. To be honest, I am looking forward to snow blanketing my flower beds and hiding the weeds.

Considering Bob's hands are pretty big, these pears are huge! We kept finding extra large ones that we saved in a box called "the world record box". We had a few good world record contenders. The next day we went out and bought a food dehydrator. We want to try drying our apple-pears. Now I just need to find a minute to actually get some in the dehydrator. I'll keep you posted on that venture.

The next day, Whitney and I went on a stake women's walk from the Draper Temple to the Timpanogos Temple -- 13.1 miles. In these photos you can see the long line of women hiking across the mountains to get over to Highland. It was great! I loved being with Whitney, getting some good exercise, enjoying the amazing scenery, and now saying I have done a half-marathon (albeit mostly walking). Lindsay was going to come, too, but ended up not feeling that great the night before, so we let her off the hook.

We ended up running some of the last of it. Whitney is almost 5 months pregnant, so we didn't want to push that too much, but had also hooked up with Kristen and Megan, and Kristen was rarin' to go. She is a real runner, and she also had to get to the finish line so she could go to the BYU football game.

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