Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Reunion!

We had our family reunion this past weekend up at our cabin. It was for my side of the family (my parents, sisters, and their families). We had 41 total, which was pretty good considering all of the other things that were going on that day! My mom and all 6 of us daughters were all there, which was a pretty big feat!

We had it as a one-day affair, so it was really easy to plan. We had everyone bring their own lunches, and then had the family gathering at about 3:00, where we had some games and activities planned. Linda made up Bingo cards, using our family last name instead of Bingo, and then using all the first names of the family members filling the little squares. It was fun to play the games and hear the names of every last family member. That will definitely be a "keeper" for reunions to come!

I didn't do much in the way of decorating. I got some photos reprinted at Costco and hung them up on a piece of twine. The photos were of the cousins all through the years. (That was sort of the theme of the reunion... cousins)

Bob gave the kids (and adults) rides in the Mule. The fall leaves were absolutely gorgeous, so there were plenty of sights to see! The kids couldn't get enough of the rides.

After the family gathering, I passed out the cousin photo books that I had made, and Bob passed out the little keepsake ornaments he had made (both shown in the last post). In the book, I left an extra page in the back so that if one wanted, they could get others to sign the back of their book, just like a year book.

Here we are signing the books, just like in high school. Pretty funny.

The kids went out on a nature walk, led by my niece Joanna. 

Joanna had little boxes for each of them to put their treasures in. It was a darling activity!

For dinner, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The daughters brought salads, the grandsons brought chips and the granddaughters each brought plate of cookies. It worked out perfectly with plenty of food!

It was a fun day and it really was pretty easy to plan. We have so many people in our family who are willing to help. It sure makes it nice when have family gatherings and events. 

Don't you just love family? There is so much comfort and peace in being together. Its so important to do what we can to have gatherings and opportunities to be together and feel that love and support from each other. What an amazing blessing! 

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