Monday, January 21, 2013

Blue Frosted Sugar Cookies

Not much time to write... I've been making blue heart sugar cookies (in honor of our little grandson who will be born within the next two days. Whitney is still feeling great! In fact, she's down in our exercise room on the treadmill!

Whit had a craving for sugar cookies, so it gave me an excuse to make some!

I've got to run... I need to make our Biggest Loser dinner before everyone gets home! At least I have the dessert made already, so all is well!


  1. First of all- those look delicious!! I hope you post the recipe one day :) Second of all- I am so excited for Whitney to have little junior!! It will be one loved little boy. I check every day to see if it has happened yet! Third of all- I love your blog!!

  2. Thanks, Kimmi! I am planning on posting the cookie recipe in a couple of weeks! I'm sure you saw that Wyatt was born today.... Yippee! We are pretty excited around here!