Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gifts for the mommy to be

Today our daughter is officially 9 months pregnant! I can't possibly relay to you how ecstatic we are around here! The poor little fella is going to be smothered with love and attention!

The other day, I gave Whitney a few things from back in the day when I was expecting her. I gave her the little quilt I pieced and my sisters helped me quilt. The quilt is definitely not feminine colors, since we were told we were having a boy (the ultrasounds weren't quite as clear and accurate in those days, apparently).

I also gave her the journal I kept while I was expecting her. I made copies for myself, and gave her the original sheets. I kept it from the moment we found out I was pregnant, to several years after she was born. She was our third child, and those first three kids came quickly -- three in 30 months, to be exact. Soooo, I think I was doing pretty good to even have a few details of life back then. It was so much fun to go back and read through the pages. Sometimes I look back at that time in our lives, and it truly is a blur, and I wish I could remember more of the day-to-day things. This little journal, along with the others that I kept for the other kids, and for our family, serves as a great way to remember so much more of our lives. I wish I had been better through the years, but I'm grateful for what I have!

Oh, and I gave her her baby book, too. I copied the pertinent pages, and gave her the original book.  I remember when my mom gave me the things that she had from when I was born. I loved being able to look through it and see the little cards and things that she had kept.

And if you're wondering, I haven't stopped nesting. In fact, I was thinking to myself last night that its a real shame I don't nest more often. I am getting a lot of things done, albeit random things. Tuesday night, Bob was at his meetings, so I thought it a perfect time to clean our bathroom (which, incidentally has been on my list for far longer than I care to admit). I know, I know. Just because I cleaned the bathroom doesn't mean that I am nesting. But I did more than just the basic cleaning. I got a ladder out of the garage, and climbed up to the top of the columns and took the vacuum to them (large dust bunnies had collected in the unseen openings in the tops). I'm pretty sure I have never done that in the 13 years that we have been in this house, and I don't know why it seemed so important to do right then. I took my duster and went over all of the walls and doors, I cleaned the air vent, I cleaned the light fixtures, etc, etc, all in addition to the regular scrubbing and mopping of the bathroom. It is sparkling now. And I mean sparkling.

And you may also be wondering if I have been able to finish those two baby blankets yet. Why no, I have not. They are on my list, and if I can take a few hours out of my nesting, I will get them done. I can say that I did start on them last night, so we're making progress!

On a completely different subject, it has been sooooo cold around these parts lately. Whenever it hovers around 0 degrees, that is too cold, even if it is winter! I guess the up-side to it is that the snow stays around, and things look pretty and white. The down-side is that it's very, very cold. We have a feral (feral, but after a few years of feeding him, we can pet and hold him) cat that LOVES our old, 19-year-old cat. We've fed and sheltered the feral cat (Skippy) in our garage along with Scout for several years now. Even after all these years of knowing us and eating our food, Skippy can be a bit skittish. He ran out of the garage the other day when Bob was getting the snow-blower out, and hasn't been seen since. Its been several days, and the weather is too cold for him to be out in it, especially when he has spent the last several winters snuggling with Scout on their heated cat bed. I've been keeping a lookout for him, but haven't seen hide nor hair of him. I'm worried for Skippy.

This is what our porch looked like a few days ago, as the snow was beginning to gather...

And just a few minutes after I took the photo, the man of my dreams appeared out of nowhere (okay, he appeared out of the garage) to shovel and snow-blow and make sure things were nice and clear. He just never stops.

Brrrrrr. Makes me day-dream about spring!

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