Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekly Food Storage Plan: January Week 3

This week's food storage item is below, highlighted in pink. We are in the third week of January. To find the original plan and the prior weeks, see the blog post dated January 10, 2013.

January Week 3: Medicines: Excedrin, aspirin, Advil, Pepto Bismol, cough drops, Tums... whatever YOUR family will need as far as medications in the coming year.

January: Week 3
As with other weeks, you can assess what you want to store, and go as basic or complete as you desire. For my family, I have a bottle or package of each of the medications. I keep them in a container up on a shelf in our food storage room and I rotate them into regular use. Today, when I did my inventory of those supplies, I took the medications that were going to expire this year out of the container, and put them on my regular medicine shelf in my kitchen so that we'll use them. I also wrote those same medications on my shopping list for this week, and I'll get them back up on the food storage shelf and "inventoried" as soon as I have a chance to pick them up from the store.

Keep in mind that some weeks there won't be anything to "re-buy" since not everything expires every year, AND since there are many items on the list that never expire. 

If you get busy and find yourself behind on the lists, just pick up wherever you are and start again. The point is to just keep on working on having things in supply, and ANYTHING is better than NOTHING.

Once you have this system in place, it shouldn't take more than ten minutes a week to maintain it.

If you would like the full info on the Week-By-Week Food Storage Plan, just click on the tab at the top of the page. You can then click on any single week and it will take you to the blogpost that featured that week's items. It also has the information as to how you can get a copy of the weekly schedule as well as the complete inventory sheets.


  1. I'm just beginning food storage and need a plan. Would like to get yours. Thanks. djkarbs@aol.com

    1. Hi Debbie! You should find the lists in your email this morning. Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

  2. I am just starting to really organize my food storage and would love to have a copy of yours to help me. Thanks karosa52@yahoo.com With a Smile

    1. Hi Robin!
      You should receive your copies via email this morning. Hope you find it useful!