Thursday, September 5, 2013

Backyard Firepit

This is the time of year when it becomes really fun to sit around the fire pit in the backyard. During the summer it's usually too hot to sit around a bonfire, but as the evenings get a little cooler, it's so much more enticing. We like to do foil packs once in a while, and we generally let everyone make whatever kind they want... steak and potatoes, chicken and vegetables, southwest, chili cheese dog, etc. The choices are pretty limitless, really.

Several years ago our fire pit was down below ground level, and the rim of it was flush with the ground. We thought that was a good design, but soon realized it made us really nervous to not have a little wall around it... just in case someone tripped around the fire. At least with a wall, there would be something to stop you from falling completely into the fire.

So, we decided to raise it up and have it above ground.

We filled in the hole and sat the iron ring (bought at our local IFA) on the ground. We knew the iron ring would get hot, not to mention the fact that it didn't look that great without some sort of covering. So, we purchased some stone bricks our of the same stone that we did our patio around the pit. We stacked the bricks around the iron ring and used a construction adhesive such as Tough as Nails between each brick. They have held up really well through the weather and use. We don't sit or stand on them -- they are merely for decoration, but they cover it really well. You could do the same with any type of brick.

It was an extremely quick project, and we have used it many, many times throughout the years. The grate that you see in the photos came with the iron ring, and can be used to set pans, popcorn, or anything else on that you want to cook.

Hmmmm. Makes me want to plan our next foil pack dinner!  There is nothing like sitting around the fire pit, enjoying the family. Love it!

I'll test some new recipes out and share them at a later date!

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