Friday, September 20, 2013

Fruit Fly Trap - Cheap, But Effective!

This is about the time of year that we get fruit flies invading our space. With 30+ fruit trees, that seems to be an ongoing issue, and one that we can't really avoid. Last year I started to experiment with fruit fly traps, and this is the one that seemed to work. I especially like it because it can be done with items that I already have at home, which means it doesn't cost me anything. Which is a good thing, because who wants to spend any money on those pesky fruit flies?

To make the fruit fly trap, you'll need an empty water bottle, apple cider vinegar, and a box cutter. Using the box cutter, cut the top of the water bottle off, just after the bottle's taper ends.

Pour about an inch of apple cider vinegar in the bottle. 

Invert the top of the bottle and place it into the opening you previously cut.

If the top slips down into the bottle, or has any small openings along the edge where it doesn't quite seal, then use clear packing tape along the top, cut edge to make sure there is a seal and to hold the inverted top into place.

Now, find a spot on your counter, and let the fruit flies come. It should attract the fruit flies no matter where you place it, though it needs to be in the open air and not in a cupboard or closet.

You could empty and reuse the same fruit fly trap, but it seems cleaner and easier to just toss that one when it needs freshening and start with another empty water bottle.

It's strangely fascinating to check the bottle every day and see how many more flies have been trapped. Fascinating and satisfying.

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