Sunday, September 8, 2013

Delayed Apple-Pear Picking Season

It is definitely that time of year again! Time for the apple-pears to be picked before the all fall to the ground. Its a pretty good crop, though there seem to be a few more worm holes than we usually get. They still make for great eating and drying, though!

I don't want to open up the gates and have people come picking until after our backyard wedding luncheon this Friday. It's easy to trample down the plants under the trees when it's picking time, and I can't afford to have any more plants looking like they've given their all. At this time of year, there aren't quite as many flowers blooming, and some plants are definitely looking like they're pretty much done with the growing season and are starting to get brown and go into dormancy for the winter. All of that would be great with me, were it not for the fact that people will be in my yard this next weekend. Time to look lively, plants... just one last time before winter! After this weekend, I am happy to indulge and let the plants be "done" with the year.

We had a family work day to get ready for the festivities. Honestly, my family is the best!

Everyone came for the afternoon and knocked out the long list of "To Do's" that I had written up and our grandbaby gave us all a little something extra to smile about while we worked!. We're pretty close to having the yard ready, though I think I'll run to Home Depot tomorrow and get just a handful of plants (mums, pansies, kale) to brighten up a few spots for the big day. Other than that, we'll be literally surrounded by these beauties!

Hopefully we'll have a minute to get a few pictures this weekend... and then it will be time to call our friends and have them bring their buckets and pick to their heart's delight!

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  1. That's a good picture of little wywy. Nashi are the best!