Thursday, July 17, 2014

Activity Days: Water Spongy Toys

This past week we had a combined Activity Days with the older girls. It was the perfect kind of hot weather for our Water Games activity.

We had them make their own spongy water toy after they all arrived. We started with basic sponges. The sponges need to be the basic rectangle ones, in different colors. Lots of sponges nowadays come in various shapes and with scrubbies on one or both sides. Neither of those features work here. They have to be simple cheap sponges.

Lindsay cut all of the sponges into strips -- five strips per sponge. They don't need to be perfect, so you don't need to measure them out or anything. Just five strips approximately the same size.

At that point we had a bucket of sponge strips the girls could choose from. They each chose 10 strips of any color from the bucket.

And then we tied (very tightly) the bundle of strips right around the middle and cut the ends of the string off.

How cute are those?

The girls wrote their names on one of the little sponge strips so they could tell them all apart, and we proceeded with the water games! We played a game where the girls had to throw the spongies in target buckets for points (candies). There was also a fun relay, where they got nice and soaked. After the games, we had popsicles and the girls played in our splash pad. It was a fun, easy activity, and we filled the hour's time just right!

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