Sunday, July 27, 2014

Procrastination and Cutting Back the Wisteria

Do you ever have one of those chores that you put off... and put off... and put off? And then when you finally get to it, you could kick yourself for having waited so long. Trimming the wisteria is one of those "chores". I see it reaching it's long, wiry limbs out, and I think that I'll get to that on the weekend. Then the weekend comes and is filled with a hundred other things, and it gets pushed off. 

It was starting to get a little scary. I mean, if you walked past it, you literally would get caught in it's vines. It was like something out of an old jungle movie. 

Last week I finally bit the bullet, and went to work on it. It took a way longer than usual, because I had let it go for too long. It really isn't a hard or terrible job... just one that is easy to put off.

The scary "before"

The tame "after"

I did learn from this experience, and yesterday, when I saw maybe twenty vines getting a little crazy, I quickly cut them back and went about my day. Sooooo much easier.

The moral of the story is, don't procrastinate. Take care of whatever it is now, before it gets all burly and out of hand. 

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