Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clematis in all it's glory

The clematis is just finishing up it's show for the year. How can you not love a gorgeous climbing vine that flowers in such an abundant, rich way?

This gal just gets better and better every year. I've had to let her expand on to the next climbing support over. I mean, if you're going to grow like this, I'll let you go just about wherever you want to go in my garden.

This other beauty grows on a fence that has different clematis vines all along it. This is actually the backside of the vine, as it spills over into the play yard (which is only in it's infant stages... the play yard, not the clematis) You can see another clematis vine just beyond it, in a different color.

And this is the front side of that "different colored" clematis vine, climbing over an arbor that is the entry to the future play yard.

We won't see much more out of the clematis this year. It's given it's all, and is quieting down 'til next year. Time to let another plant shine.

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