Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day! Do you have pioneer ancestors?

It is Pioneer Day here in Utah! For those who don't know about Pioneer Day...

We love our Pioneer Day holiday. One more summer holiday, and this one has special, deep meaning. Bob and I have even done a few pioneer treks which re-create some of the experiences the pioneers had on the trail.

So, imagine my joy when I received an email the other day from FamilySearch. It begins: "We've found pioneers in your family tree".  And goes on with "Learn what company they traveled with, read stories from the trail and uncover your family heritage on a new pioneer memorial page created just for you." And then there was a place to sign in with my regular FamilySearch information. Whaaaaatttttt? This is a really, really cool new feature.

The page below is what popped up when I got to my Pioneer Ancestor page. The page has too much information to fit nicely here, but further to the right, there is also a place to click for their Trail Experiences and Stories. All you need to do is go to, and check it out for yourself. If you don't already have an account, it is easy and free. I loved seeing a list of my pioneer ancestors pop up, and then to have additional information and stories to boot. Love it, love it! They are making it so very easy on us to have the information at our fingertips!

Mormon Pioneers - Companies

(This is FamilySearch's attempt at comparing the list of pioneer companies to those listed in your Family Tree. We recognize that it may not be comprehensive or completely accurate historically. We hope you enjoy this information.)
Ancestor (Family Tree)Company

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