Saturday, July 12, 2014

House Finch Rescue... Again!

Every single year, the house finches build nests all around our yard. They usually fill up the birdhouses fairly quickly, and then move on to other possibilities... like the lanterns attached to the house. I love the happy songs of the house finches. They are always welcome in our yard. However, the nests that they build in the lanterns can be quite troublesome for their new little families. On more than one occasion, we've had to rescue baby birds that have fallen out. Last year, I cleaned all of the nests out of the lanterns in hopes that the birds would find a safer place to build their nests. But no. They seem to keep coming back and building in the same place. Must be in their blood.

Bob had to rescue one of the birds last week, and it was a successful rescue. The little guy stayed put until the other day. When I walked outside the deck, I noticed the mama finch was all in a tizzy. I wondered if a starling got to her babies, or if a baby had fallen out of their nest again. As you can see in the photo below, there is a hole for the mama and daddy finch to come in and out to feed their babies. This hole is also an all-too-easy way for other birds to come in, or for the babies to slip right on out.

As I was glancing up at the nest, I heard a little guy chirping down by my feet. As I stepped closer to it, it scuttled along the deck, trying (but failing) to fly. 

Now, you may wonder what happened to my deck and why it looks cobweb-y and dirty. There are a few places that need sweeping off. I'm not too proud to admit that. At any rate, that little collection of cobwebs likely saved that little guy. He got trapped in them, so he couldn't move down the deck. Otherwise, he may have moved right on off of the second story deck he was on. And that wouldn't have been a good thing.

He was scared and I didn't know if he would try to get away again, so I got a box and placed it in his way, and sure enough... he untangled himself from the cobwebs, and scooted right into the box. I tipped it right side up and had the little guy safely where I needed him while I got things ready.

I got up on my ladder, took off the top of the lantern, and put my leather garden gloves on. I didn't want mama smelling human hands on or around her baby.

I tipped the box and nudged the baby back into the lantern, and she moved right in next to her sib. Hard to see in the next photo, but they are down to the right of the light bulb.

Easy peasy. She was back where she was supposed to be, and the lid was back on their home. Now I just needed to see if mama would be accept her back with open arms (or wings).

And thankfully she did. She's been hustling back and forth feeding the babes all day long. They are so ready to leave. Any day now. But til then, all is well with the little finch family.

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