Sunday, July 6, 2014

Perennials or Annuals?

Our outdoor improvement efforts have been concentrated in our backyard this year. It generally is the opposite, since more people see the front yard, and that seems to be the most important place to keep in order. But, with our backyard projects, we definitely needed to try to get some planting and nurturing done back there. 

In our front yard, I didn't plant anything this year. Not. One. Thing. Everything you see in these first photos of the front gardens, are either perennials, or re-seeded on their own. 

There is something really lovely about things that grow all on their own.

All they need is some sunshine, water, and perhaps a little weeding.

I haven't even given them any Miracle Gro this year. They've had very little to help them along, and yet... they've done pretty well.

Now, the backyard is another story. It is full of new plants, and lots of annuals, for color and fill.

Many of these plants will come back next year, but there are lots and lots of annuals. They're doing what they do best -- giving pops of color during these hot summer days.

You can see quite a difference between the front and back yard. The front yard, though mature and cottage garden-ish, has far less color going on, while the backyard is vibrant and fresh, and still cottage-y.

The jury is in. I definitely like a mix of perennials and annuals. I love the "backbone" of perennials and shrubs, with the freshness of annuals mixed in all the nooks and crannies. Something to take in consideration when I'm planning for next year's garden.

And the great thing about gardens is that next year, the perennials will be more mature, and the annuals will likely be something different. Always changing, always good.

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