Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Primary Harvest Party

We had our ward Primary Harvest Party last week. The youth of the ward were in charge of it, so we did it for our mutual activity. Our Beehive class was given the assignment of the bean bag throw. We decorated the doorway so it looked "pumpkin patch-ish", with a scarecrow and fake pumpkins. We also made a vine out of paper grocery bags wrapped up and squished around wire, and then spray painted green. We made some leaves out of the grocery bags, and painted them, too. Bob made the wooden "Pumpkin Patch" sign with his magical laser machine. He is always coming up with awesome ideas to help me with my projects. It seems like he never gets tired of helping to make my life easier.  

Bob and I ran over to the shop for family night and made the big cut-out pumpkin that served as the bean bag target inside of the room. The kids had fun throwing the bean bags and earning lots of fun prizes. The Beehives totally ran the show at our game that night, so it was a pretty easy evening for me!

Lindsay made the most darling candy corn bean bags out of felt. How cute are they!?  She is so talented with felt crafts!

We had several other activities, one of which was a Cupcake Walk. The Mia Maids each brought a dozen decorated cupcakes to give away. They were masterpieces! We have some talented young women in our ward!

It is a fun tradition for both the youth and the children. They all love it, and its fun for the youth to work with the little kids in the ward.

On to the next thing.... :)

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