Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow in October and Temple Day

Yesterday we got up early (well, at least it was early in my book), and started our temple day. Our stake leaders have encouraged each of the wards to schedule one day at the temple, where each member comes and spends as much of the day as their schedule permits. So, Bob and I went in the morning and spent about four hours. The Draper Temple doesn't have a cafeteria, so we left to get some lunch, and I also had a hair appointment. I know, I know... a hair appointment isn't a great excuse to not be at the temple, but I had that appointment for literally three months, so I couldn't really change it at that point. We went back to the temple for 4 or 5 more hours a bit later on in the day. What a remarkable, wonderful day it was! I loved being there for an extended period of time. Sometimes it takes me a while to "unwind", but I had plenty of time yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet strong spirit I felt All. Day. Long. I feel like I have filled my bucket to the brim! I love the temple!

It was especially nice being in the temple, since this is what was going on outside...

Draper Temple - October 25, 2012

...A little October blizzard. It was a cold, icy day!

It all melted off by the afternoon, but this morning we woke to another "dusting". Looks like our gardening days are numbered and I really need to start putting my gardens to bed for the winter.

Snow on the wisteria

These are the kinds of days where I want to put my sweats on and patter around the house working on little projects, or reading a good book. Probably not in the cards today, but one can always wish....

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