Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Harvest

What with the cold and snow recently, we decided yesterday it was high time to harvest our pumpkins.

Our little punkins had a rough go this year. They grew for a while, then were stifled by the heat, and then decided to grow a bit more. so, we were left with this huge crop. Another problem may or may not have been that snakes have been tormenting me this year, and there were more than one sightings of them back by the pumpkins. I didn't really weed, or make sure they had enough water, or anything. They sortof had to fend for themselves, so they did pretty darn good taking all that in account.

I still am pretty darn proud of those little fellas. I would love to arrive at the day that I don't have to buy any pumpkins for decoration because I have grown so many. 

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