Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding Photos - Part 6 - The Wedding Party

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These should be the last of the reunion photos that I'm sharing here. I have more than 600, but I think I'll save the bulk of them for a wedding photo book. This post shows some photos of the wedding party...

I love this photo with Bob and Ryan. Looks to me like Bob is giving Ryan some father-in-law advice. I would love to have heard the conversation!

We didn't have a formal reception line, but the bride and groom and Bob and I seemed to find ourselves greeting guests in the same neck of the woods. I think it gave the wedding couple a bit of reassurance to have us nearby, since so many of the guests were our friends.

We had the cut-out made of Wilson (who is in California serving a mission), so he was here and there throughout the wedding day. I love this photo of Robbie and Wils.

And here is our family. I love this photo! (Too bad Wils' missionary wardrobe didn't include any colors of the wedding) Its actually better that way. I like how he stands out.

Me, my mom, and my sisters. One of my sisters left before this photo was taken, and the other of my sisters lives in California and wasn't able to come for the wedding. I love these girls!

And me and my cute daughters. Oh, how I love these girls, too!

Robbie changed into shorts to help clean up. I like how he still stayed within the wedding colors (all except the socks) even for working. He's an awesome son!

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