Monday, November 19, 2012

Junior's baby shower

We had Whitney's baby shower last week. It was so much fun to see her get some of the things they needed to help them get ready for "Junior". (We all call him Junior, because we don't know the name they have chosen for him... I'm thinking we have called him Junior for so long, the name just might stick.) We ordered the invitations from "Every Making Moment" on Etsy (by Haylee Johnson). She did a fantastic job, and was so easy and great to work with! I love how they turned out!

We stayed with a vintage baby theme, in baby boy colors. It was fun to pull out some of the vintage things I have and enjoy the memories as I was decorating.

I love these new board books that are based on novels! They are darling and simple.

Lindsay made several banners out of cute, bright baby boy colors. I loved them! She gave them to Whitney afterwards, so she could use them in the nursery to decorate.

And some not-so-new books...

And check out this perfect diaper cake! Lindsay made this, too. It could not have been any cuter, and it was packed with things practical things she will use. 

We put the gifts in this vintage bassinet. It has a lot of history. My mom used if for most of her daughters, and I also used it for my four babies. 

I should have taken more photos of the food, but once it was all set up, people started coming, and I didn't have time to take any more photos. We had these individual vegetable cups, along with some other finger foods and lots of desserts provided by Kneaders. I love the individual serving cups... it keeps the dip from getting icky and overused. I've used these for a few different occasions, and I have tried different combinations of vegies. There are so many good vegies you can use.

As the guests left, they each took one of these little favors.

Now if I can just stand to wait two more months til he is born....

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