Thursday, November 1, 2012

Night-stand makeover

I've had this old bookshelf sitting around that was in one of our daughters' rooms during her teenage years. It had been pretty beat up and had water spots, etc. I was about to toss it into the "Donate" pile, when I spotted some potential for a night-stand in our guest room. 

I sanded it down to get the finish all even (part of a book page had even been "glued" to the top when some sort of spilled liquid had been allowed to dry on it). It wasn't in the prettiest shape.

After I sanded it, I painted a coat of Kilz on it, let it dry, and then painted it in a perfect little celery color. I love it now! It adds just the right amount of color in that little corner of the room.

I've got a couple more pieces of furniture to refinish next week. Always another project or two in the horizon!

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