Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas "JOY" signs

We've been busy getting one more project finished! We made 24 "Joy" signs to go along with a loaf of yummy bread for each of the elderly folks in our ward. The bishopric is going to deliver them tonight.

We started by getting 2X6 boards at Home Depot. Then we (when I say "we", I really mean Bob) cut them into 14" boards. I sanded them all, then painted them all in a creamy white craft paint.

After I finished painting, I designed a simple "JOY" on my Silhouette machine, and cut it out on vinyl. We placed the vinyl on the signs, and removed the letters, leaving a vinyl stencil.

We painted the signs by putting very thin and dry layers of paint on the letter areas (to avoid running and blotching underneath the stencils).

Whaaaaattt? The strongest man in the world paints, too?
It just keeps getting better and better!

After the paint was dry, we peeled off the vinyl.

We couldn't decide which color might be the best, so we did some in gold, red, silver and green. I love them all!

The last two steps are to sand them again, just to expose the edges and maybe scruff up a little bit here and there. Then, I coated them all with a non-yellowing clear finish spray.

And here is the finished product, behind a nativity that my sister Sheri gave us way back when we were first married.

Now on to the next project!

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