Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowshoeing trip

We returned last night from our 2-night getaway for our anniversary. It was heaven, being "away from it all" and spending the time with the one I most love to be with! We thoroughly enjoyed just relaxing and having no schedule. On Friday, we stayed in our p.j.'s til 2:00. I don't remember the last time I did that! We just pattered around, played Colorku (a fun, different version of Sudoku), read, watched TV together and ate. Heaven, I tell ya!

Friday, we went out snowshoeing, which is one of our favorite winter past times. 

Bob leading off on our snowshoeing expedition

When Bob takes the lead on our snowshoeing expeditions, we refer to it as "extreme snowshoeing". We go straight up mountains, and straight down, and rarely follow a trail. We just go up and over fallen logs and whatever else happens to be in our way. In this next photo, you can see how high above me he is on the hill. It is practically straight up. Thankfully, when he blazes a trail, he usually makes little steps for me to follow, so my workout isn't quite as extensive as his.

Snow falling

Our cabin, nestled amongst the trees

To get in and out in the winter, we generally park at a parking lot partway to our cabin, and then unload our Mule (in below photo). We know that if we're in the Mule, we can make it through any road conditions without slipping or sliding. We're not quite so sure about that if we drive up in anything other than the Mule. We've been known to slide here and there in the truck!  :)

Bob in the Mule

Couldn't ask for a better getaway, even if it was short. We'll take what we can get these days! And I definitely couldn't ask for a better getaway partner! Oh, how I love that man!

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