Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keeping It Real - Feeling Displaced

We are in literal upheaval around these parts. I am writing this post from my temporary station... in my bathroom.

And  you thought I was kidding. Nope. Not kidding. The guys are sanding our wood floors as I'm writing this. I've only got about an hour before I have to pack my bags and leave. Actually, I've already packed my bags. We have to be out for the night because of the fumes from the finish that they apply on the wood. Or we could sleep with gas masks on. By the time this is posted, we'll be allowed back in our home, so it's not too long of a time -- only one night. It's just a really inconvenient time for all of this to be happening. And no. I didn't plan it all for this week, of all weeks. This was supposed to happen two weeks ago, but there were some rough patches in the wood floor installers schedule, and they couldn't get to our job til this week.

Our family room is a literal gathering place for chairs...

My bedroom looks pretty much like this. Yes, that is a bicycle built for two... and yes, I have run into the handle bars in the middle of the night. Who runs into bicycle handle bars in their bedroom in the middle of the night?

And this is my kitchen. Ugh. I have too much to do for my kitchen to look like this.

I have had some practice this week in "letting the small stuff go". I just stroll through my house as if there isn't a thing out of place and as if I haven't got anything in the world to do but stroll through my house.

I'll be loitering around doing work in the garage and the backyard whilst the workers are in my house. I have plenty of outdoor work to do, so that should keep me busy while complete strangers are hanging out in my house.

And in a couple of days, when normalcy returns, I will get back to blogging about things that I find more useful.

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