Friday, March 15, 2013

The Grandparent Phenomenon

I know we're just brand new at this grand parenting thing, but I'm learning so many things I never knew. When Whitney was expecting, I experienced "Grandma Nesting". Who knew?! And now, Bob and I are both experiencing a phenomenon that I call "Not Now, I'm Holding The Baby".

On Monday, we were planning on having our Biggest Loser dinner and show. Bob came home from work with his arms full of things that he could work on while watching Biggest Loser with us. He took one look at me holding our grand baby, and immediately, the phenomenon took over, and he had the look. So, I handed the baby over to him, and sure enough....

Not Now, I'm Holding The Baby

He had a pile of paperwork next to him on the couch that all of a sudden didn't seem important at all. In fact, he was probably wondering why he had worried about bringing all of that work home in the first place.

He settled in and didn't move until we needed him to come for dinner. And I have to say, I have had encountered this phenomenon for myself over and over again. I can have a list of 40 things that I really need to get done, but if I'm holding the baby, who cares about an old "to do" list. It will still be there tomorrow.

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  1. Craig and I feel the exact way about being a grandparent. It is the very BEST thing in the whole world and you are right.....nothing else matters when you have the opportunity to hold and luv your grandbabies and spend time with them! All that work and other stuff can wait. Good times :)