Saturday, March 23, 2013

My favorite tool for spring yard clean-up

This little guy is my best friend this time of year. I use it SO much as I'm doing the spring yard clean-up. I'm not sure why I had to take the photo right next to a very sad looking euonymus. To be honest with you, all of my euonymus are looking sad, because the deer feast on them all winter. It takes a good couple of warm spring months for them to start looking normal again. Poor things.

Anyway, back to my tiny rake. It has a regular long handle -- almost as long as a regular rake, but the rake tines only span about 7-8 inches, so it fits just about anywhere I need it to.

I particularly like to use it when I'm cleaning up the dead, old growth from plants like the Sweet Woodruff below, or even Snow-In-Summer. I LOVE it for that.

After I've raked through it, and cleaned up all the dead leaves and vines, it looks like the photo below.

And now the ground is clean and debris-free so that the plants are able to see the sun and get growing!

Another use for my little red rake is to clean up the clematis. I just rake through the crazy vines and all the dead leaves from the previous year come loose and fall to the ground. The vines look so much better after I've taken the rake to them. All ready to start growing for the year!

I got my rake at Home Depot, but I'm sure they are at most home and garden centers. At this point, I wouldn't know how to do my spring clean-up without it. It makes such a difference when you have tools that actually make your job easier as you're working.

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