Monday, March 4, 2013

The Vintage Market Place in Sunny California

We had a quick getaway last weekend. It all started with The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks. I had been hearing about these "fairs" for about a year, and had secretly wished I could pop in on one. They happen every few months, and it seemed that every time one came around, there was something that conflicted. This time around, I couldn't see any reason that we couldn't slip away for a few days, sooooooo, I casually asked Bob if he thought there might be a need for him to go to California on business. He has a customer in Southern California (which is where The Vintage Marketplace is held). He replied that he always had a need to go there. So, when I wondered aloud whether a trip in the beginning of March might work, he knew that I must have something up my sleeve. I told him about the fair, and without even blinking, he said, "Let's go!". (I'm not one to love flying, so when a trip is something I actually suggest, he is all over it.) We flew to Orange County and then the next day we drove from our hotel to Rainbow, California, which was probably a little over an hour away. Oh, and just for the record... Bob did meet with his customer on Thursday afternoon, right after we got in to town. 

Friday was really warm. I mean really warm. We had left Utah where it was about 35 degrees, and there we were in Rainbow where it was 85 degrees. It was a gorgeous day!

This little seating area made from old doors was near the entry of The Vintage Marketplace. 

I didn't take very many photos. I was having too much fun looking around. As with the Country Living Fair that we went to a couple of years ago, it was torturous in some ways. There were lots of large furniture items that I would have bought in a second if we had a truck. As it was, I settled on some fun smaller things that we were able to ship home at the handy little postal center across the way from the fair. (Can't wait to get that box!)

Notice the man in the photo below. It is not Bob, but it is proof that there was at least one other man at this event.

What a great sport my sweetie-pie is! He didn't once complain or suggest that we move through the booths faster. If the booth was full of ladies with large purses, he just shimmied out and waited for me on the outskirts of the booth, and then we moved on. It was a perfect day! I could literally spend all day long doing just that, but we saw everything within a couple of hours, and drove back up to Huntington Beach (our old stomping grounds).

We had such a fun time getting away for a few days! There is nothing I would rather do than be on a trip with Bob. We both seem to take life at a pretty fast pace, so its nice to wind down together once in a while!

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