Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snowdrops in full bloom

A few years ago, when we were up in Logan visiting my Aunt Carol, she gave my mom and my sisters and I each a shovel-full of her Snowdrops. I love getting plant starts from people I know and love. Whenever I look at those plants in particular, I think about whoever it was that originally nurtured the plant along so that I, too, could enjoy it in my own yard. I planted my start from Aunt Carol along my front walk, so that they're easy to spot as they poke their heads through the snow and then bloom their sweet little white flowers. They, along with the crocus' are the very first every year to show their cheery little blooms. They are such a welcome sight after a long, cold winter.

Oh, and be sure to notice and love them while they're blooming, because you can blink, and they'll be gone until next year!

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