Friday, May 3, 2013

Amazing Family History Charts

A while back, I did a post on the Genealogy Fan Chart. (Click here for more information on the Fan Chart) It is such a fun way to see your generations fanned out all on one page, and in color!


I've found some other great ways to have fun with family history.

More Charts:

To find some great charts, go to and log in using your LDS login information. After you have selected which family member you'd like your chart to begin with, you can select one of several different options to display your family. All of the information that will come up after you have logged in is information that is already in the Family Search system. You don't have to input any additional names or information. For instance, I logged in and selected Name Cloud. The following is what was automatically generated on my screen. It would be such a fun thing to frame and have somewhere in your home. How cute would it be to have in a baby's room?

You can print the Name Cloud in first names (my name is just between "Heinrich" and "Sarah" top center):

Full names:

Or last names:

You can also show your family 9 generation pedigree chart:

Or a 10 generation pedigree chart:

And all of this fans out from just your login information. It ties it in with Family Search, and the genealogy work that has been done on those records.

How are we related?

Another interesting activity is to instantly find out how or if you are related to friends, and see how your family lines connect.

Go to the following website:

It is a free app, available for android and apple users, so you can download it on your Ipad. After downloading it, and using your LDS login information, you can see how you are related to either friends or famous people. If you are going to check out your connections to a friend, then they will have to download the app too, so that they can get their three digit code. You will enter their three digit code on your page, and it will give show you if and how you are related, and will also show your common ancestor. My husband and I are 8th cousins... (Keep in mind that the tree digit code is constantly changing, so you'll have to log in and use whatever code is current for you at that time.)

Fun, eh?

So amazing to see what is available for all of us. Its a fun way to get the youth (and adults!) excited about their ancestors and also working on family history!

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