Saturday, May 4, 2013

"New" nightstands

I've been re-doing my sons' room (the one who's coming home from his mission in 11 days). We had to get rid of his old bed. I have an opinion about Ikea furniture that I'm not going to share right now. Ahem. Anyway, we threw out his old bed, and got a new one. Problem is, his old one had a night stand built right into it. I now needed to get my hands on another night stand or two. I didn't want them to be "matchy" with the bed, and wanted something with a vintage touch. So, I looked around the house and found two tables that weren't being used anymore. One was from our living room, which we've changed, and another is one I picked up at a vintage/antique store on our last trip to Logan. The tables were off-white and shabby chic-ish. His new room is more in the black, gray, and blue tones, so off-white wasn't going to work. I didn't want true white, either, because that seemed too different from the rest of the room. So, I checked out my supply of spray paint and found some grays and also some metallic colors. I first sprayed both tables with Kilz as a primer.

After they had dried (which only takes a few minutes), I coated them with gray, and then sprayed them again with the metallic aluminum spray paint.

I gave the old sewing machine cabinet a couple of new knobs, and now they are both in their new home!

I like that the tables are different, but tied together with the same paint treatment. I didn't want the metallic color to be too feminine, so I made sure the lamps were on the masculine side and also that they tied in the black and the metallic color. (Lamps were from Target and were a great deal at $16 each!)

I love the tables in their new home, and I love that it just took a coat of paint to have them work in a different room and with a different purpose. The sewing machine table obviously started out as a sewing machine table, and when I picked it up, it was at a second hand store. I used it as a table in my living room. And now its a night stand. Pretty industrious little table! The very best part of the whole project, is that it was almost free. The only things I bought were the new knobs. The paint was all leftover from other projects and the tables were ones I already had. I LOVE that kind of project!

At some point I may have his room all the way done and I'll share pictures when and if I do!

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  1. They look great! So fun to get his room all ready!!